Here are some our past horses we have owned, bred and showed over the years. We try and keep in contact with new owners and how they do. We try and keep the list small as we've had miniatures since 1990 & update the sold horses.
All the best to the new owners, and the updates!
Thousand Oaks Saultes Sundance, Red Roan
Lil Ache'rs Dawn, Buckskin Mare
Lil Ache'rs Aireal, Chocolate Silver dapple Pinto
Lil Ache'rs Blue Moon, Blue Roan with blue eyes
Lil Ache'rs Cadiva, Bay Pinto
Lil Ache'rs Cleo, Bay Roan Mare
Lil Ache'rs Casper
Lil Ache'rs Waterlilly, Buckskin Pinto Mare
Day to Day Tsunami, Sorrel Pintaloosa
Lil Ache'rs Shaman Spirit, Perlino Colt
Lil Ache'rs Fantasia, Blue Roan Pinto Mare
Lil Ache'rs Starbrite, Black & White Pinto
World Of Miniatures Jessica, Black Appy Mare
World Of Miniatures Chantilli, Sorrel w/ flaxen mane & tail
Lil Ache'rs Vador, Smokey Black Pinto Stallion
Lil Ache'rs Cordelia - bay/buckskin mare
 Lil Ache'rs Tafta, cremello mare
Lil Ache'rs Racing Stripe, Buckskin Appy Colt
Lil Ache'rs Electria, Bay Pinto Mare
Lil Ache'rs Blue Tuxedo, Bay Roan Stallion
Lil Ache'rs Sandy, Palomino
Lil Ache'rs Flametesse, Bay Mare
Lil Ache'rs Gizmo, Cremello Colt
Lil Ache'rs Kora, Bay Roan Mare
Lil Ache'rs Racquel, Bay Roan Mare
Miss B, Palomino Mare
Lil Ache'rs Shot in the Dark, Buckskin Gelding
Lil Ache'rs Aurora, Bay Pinto Mare
Lil Ache'rs Mirage, Buckskin Stallion
Lil Ache'rs Satan, Blue Roan Stallion
Lil Ache'rs Panthers Mirage, Silver Dapple Gelding
Lil Ache'rs Cinderelle, Blue Roan Mare
Lil Ache'rs Simara, Silver Dapple Mare
Lil Ache'rs Chips, Bay Roan Gelding
Lil Ache'rs Hicut, Bay Pinto Gelding
Lil Q Miss Muffin, Palomino Mare
World of Miniatures Zodiak, Bay Stallion
World of Miniatures Tycoon, Palomino Stallion
Lil Ache'rs Trigger, Silver Dapple Colt
Lil Ache'rs Smoke, Silver Dapple
World Of Miniatures Sidekick, Sorrel Colt
Lil Ache'rs Pete, Black Pinto
Lil Ache'rs Bucko, Buckskin Colt
Lil Ache'rs Poncho, Black Pinto Colt
Lil Ache'rs Danco
Toyland Taco
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Electricfy pictured at the Oregon Pinto Show. -SOLD- Now lives in Washington.